Discovering the Scientist Within 2019 will be held: Saturday, February 23, from 8:00AM - 12:30PM. Lunch is not provided.

Pre-registration is required. 

Participants will be able to register for one of  six activity pairs. Activities change yearly, but the pairs listed below are good examples of the types of activities you will find at DSW. The registration link will be posted Friday, February 1.


1A. Hands-on DNA:   If you isolated all the DNA in your body, it would stretch from here to the moon! We will discover how to isolate DNA from strawberries. You get to take your strawberry DNA home with you!

1B. Minigolf Robots: Program small robots to navigate a miniature golf course. Can you get a hole-in-one?


2A. Spalting: Painting Wood with Fungi: In nature, many species of fungi produce intricate patterns and colorful pigments in wood. Learn how these fungi work and harness them to create your very own piece of spalted wood! Gain an understanding of how fungal pigments and other metabolites could provide humanity with new sources of "green" chemicals.

2B. Almost Alchemy!: Learn how to transform a regular copper penny into a gold-colored penny! You’ll also get to experiment with metal combinations to see what other colorful alloys you can make. Best of all, you get to keep your creations!


3A. Sketch-Up!: Join us in the computer graphics lab to explore Google Sketch-Up, software that you can use to create, modify, and share 3D models.

3B. Physics of light!: Hands-on physics! Defeat the laser maze, make your own pinhole camera, make ice cream! Find out the "how and why" of all these fascinating, every-day phenomena. 


4A. Fabulous Pharmacy:   Prepare a fun pharmaceutical product and gain an introduction to career opportunities in pharmacy.

4B. Engineering Design Challenge with K'Nex: Engineers are jugglers!   Join us in the design studio and build a prototype vehicle with Knex based on customer specifications and preference for lowest production cost, highest aesthetic appeal, and highest performance quality.


5A: The Inside SCOOP!: Learn how to make homemade ice cream! While making ice cream, learn the science behind it as well as learn a simple ice cream recipe you can make at home. You will also get to learn the basics about cheese and be able to taste some of the different cheese's made right here at OSU!

5B: Tic-Tac-Totally-Crazy: Everyone knows how to play tic-tac-toe, and everyone who's played it enough knows that it always ends in a tie if both players know what they are doing. But what happens if we change up the rules a bit? Play  tic-tac-toe on different boards (4x4, 5x5, etc.) and see if you can find winning strategies for some of the 'unsolved' games.


6A: A Trip to the Vet:  It’s not all about cute animals. Work with current veterinary students to help an animal in need. Be prepared for hands-on activities in an interactive workshop to learn the science behind being a veterinarian. *NOTE: This activity may have live animals*

6B: Wind Power: We’re big fans! Learn how wind turbines work and experience the Engineering Design Cycle as you design the best turbine design possible. Can you capture the most energy?